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Twitter's First Post-Musk Blog Claims 'None Of Our Policies Have Changed'

Twitter's First Post-Musk Blog Claims 'None Of Our Policies Have Changed'

Twitter`s first legitimate weblog in view that Elon Musk's takeover of the platform has simply long gone live, and it comes with a few unexpected information. Most unexpected, at the least to us, is that apparently "none of [Twitter's] rules have changed."

Let's be blunt for a moment — At first glance, Twitter the use of an legitimate organ to say "none of our rules have changed" for the reason that Elon Musk takeover looks as if a lie. Musk's acquisition of Twitter has induced a extensive sort of organizational changes, from a new "vox populi, vox Dei" decision-making procedure primarily based totally on open polls to sparkling employment expectancies that induced the resignation of heaps of employees.

In fact, there may be greater nuance to the situation. Understanding it calls for a deeper study Twitter's commercial enterprise model, beyond the Sturm und Drang of the with no end in sight memeable Elon Musk. What the maximum latest Twitter weblog is pronouncing is not a lie; it is reassurance for the platform's maximum critical stakeholders.

Change withinside the residence of Musk

Understanding the maximum latest Twitter Blog submit calls for a solution to a tremendously complex query: How does Twitter make money?

The brief solution to that query is "marketing and marketing." Per Investopedia, marketing and marketing is through a long way the service's fundamental supply of income, representing approximately 89% of Twitter's revenue.

That creates a dilemma. As a public figure, Elon Musk has an photograph to cultivate, that of an iconoclastic outsider remodeling a static, bad commercial enterprise culture. As CEO and sole shareholder of Twitter, he desires a stable, cushty virtual area for customers to devour ads. Thus a long way he is been unsuccessful on the latter. Advertisers have abandoned Twitter in droves; over 1/2 of of the service's pinnacle customers have bailed in view that Musk's takeover.

The first weblog submit of Twitter 2.0, therefore, specializes in the elephant in Twitter's virtual room: its submit-Musk spike in hate speech, trolling, and popular poisonous nonsense. As Gizmodo reports, it's what is riding advertisers off the platform. The weblog information Twitter's content material moderation strategy, reassuring readers that, in spite of the alternate in possession and Musk's personal trumpeting of loose speech, folks who talk in unprofitable methods will retain to get booted off the platform.

In that sense, Twitter coverage absolutely hasn't changed. The platform's tackle hate speech, trolling, and the entirety else it terms "violative content material" is what it is usually been: de-amplify, demonetize, ban. In Musk's personal words, Twitter may not turn out to be a "loose-for-all hellscape" of unmoderated speech on his watch.

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