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The Reason The Pontiac Aztek Was A Failure

The Reason The Pontiac Aztek Was A Failure

Words can`t pretty describe the odd look of the Pontiac Aztek. It sports activities a virtually weird -tier the front fascia that seems like it is in pain, like possibly it changed into created through a group of extraterrestrial beings that had in no way visible every other SUV before. It's a spectacularly wild layout that flat out did not paintings. All told, GM made the Aztek for most effective 5 version years from 2001 to 2005.

In the car world, some distance out designs can on occasion paintings in a vehicle's favor. High-quit cars just like the new Ford GT and the Corvette C8 seem like fighter jets with a powertrain warranty. Even greater pedestrian cars, just like the latest services from Lexus and Hyundai, have the front grilles which are a departure from popular layout conventions. Those cars have loved mainstream fulfillment, and a few are even heralded as examples of thrilling layout.

Pontiac's terrible Aztek, however, did now no longer experience that identical praise. At best, it is probably remembered as the automobile that chemistry teacher-became drug provider Walter White drove withinside the hit drama "Breaking Bad." Even then, it changed into used to demonstrate White's to start with mundane life. 

At worst, the Aztek is called one of the maximum horrible car designs of all time and is even on occasion credited with killing the complete Pontiac brand. That characterization can be unfair, however the Aztek isn't with out fault. Just have a take a observe it. The vehicle seems guilty, or sad, or angry, perhaps all the above.

No concept is just too bad

To recognize the Aztek, one has to test the country of Pontiac in starting of the twenty first century. By the time 2000 hit, Pontiac's glory days have been primarily at the back of it. Gone have been the times of the GTO, and the Firebird and Trans Am have been shadows in their former selves. It changed into a gloomy country of affairs. Pontiac loved a few fulfillment with the Montana minivans, however the ones have been basically Chevy Venture vehicles with a few more functions and a Pontiac badge. 

As a result, Pontiac needed to innovate, and that they had to do it now, consistent with Bob Lutz, the previous vice president of product improvement at GM (thru Road and Track).

Everyone has heard the funny story that a camel is only a horse designed through a committee. That's precisely what the Aztek changed into. Seemingly each fashion dressmaker at GM were given the memo to make the wackiest automobile viable and no layout preference changed into too odd. According to Lutz, GM's company way of life on the time dissuaded absolutely everyone from having a differing opinion. Even attention corporations hated the layout, however Pontiac moved ahead with it anyway. 

This competitive push from the brass at GM ensured that the Aztek met all of its layout and manufacturing deadlines. On paper, it appeared love it changed into going to be a first-rate fulfillment. 

A income disaster

In reality, the Aztek's destiny changed into a special story. Despite searching like an SUV that changed into already in a the front-quit collision, the Aztek did truely have some thing going for it. GM performed it secure with the engine. It changed into powered through the identical 3.4L V6 interior all of GM's minivans of the era. Reviews from the time record that, notwithstanding a flimsy-feeling interior, the Aztek changed into properly appointed in comparison to a number of its contemporaries. It changed into to be had with all-wheel force and had XM radio. Internally, however, it changed into only a tall General Motors minivan. 

Sales numbers for the Aztek have been now no longer stellar though. In 2000, Pontiac bought simply over 11,000 Azteks. At its peak, 27,seven hundred fashions left the lot in 2002. After slightly 5 years, GM determined sufficient changed into sufficient and ended manufacturing. Leftovers languished on dealership plenty for a while, and Pontiac controlled to promote 25 remnant Azteks in 2007, a complete  years after manufacturing ended. It's secure to mention the point of interest corporations had the proper concept.

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